Henning’s Blog.

Hello World!

console.log('Hello World!')

Welcome to Henning's Blog. I'm Henning, Head of Frontend at Doist and working from Hamburg, Germany. I'm going to use this space to write about a couple of different things:

Working remote and async

Since 2017 I'm working remotely for Doist. Doist is a fully remote-first and async-first company. Since starting here, I'm bullish on working from home and can't imagine ever trading my freedom and productivity for long commutes and open-plan offices. I'll share helpful tips and tricks on how I and we at Doist make remote work, work.

Leading a remote team

A couple of years ago, I switched from being an individual contributor and became a manager. While I never stopped contributing (and don't think I ever will) I've a couple of learnings to share on remote leadership. Especially, leading multidisciplinary teams and handling time zone differences. My team is currently 13 people strong and spreads from the west coast of America to Hong Kong / Perth – pretty much as remote as they get.

All things Frontend and developer productivity

Although my role is management, I still try to spend a third of my time getting my hands dirty on actual Frontend work. I'm going to share different learnings on how to be a multiplier of your team's productivity. Occasionally, I'll share interesting challenges from the front*(end)* that we've faced and solved.