Henning’s Blog.

Content over Tech

This post serves mostly as a reminder for myself. When starting to blog, it should be mostly about creating content for your potential readers. It shouldn't be about configuring or building the best tech stack.

Especially, as a developer, it's easy to lose yourself in all details – and it's so much fun to do so. It might start with a harmless dark & light mode toggle, and while you're at it, you start writing your own CMS or component library. Been there, done that.

Try to remember every time you're tempted to tweak your setup that it is the content that should shine. Most people won't care about your setup, they care about your content.

To keep myself in check, I collect all the ideas for improvements for this blog in a dedicated Todoist project. This way, nothing is lost, and I won't get distracted from my original goal. From time to time, I'll allow myself to indulge in these optimizations and cross off tasks on my to-do list.