Henning’s Blog.

Tech Stack of this Blog

A small overview of the tech stack that's powering this blog. In its first iteration, I focussed on getting something out of the door quickly. Don't expect the most complex setup with a lot of bells and whistles, but rather a down to earth one that focuses on me actually blogging.

Tech Stack

This blog uses Next.js to produce a static HTML export using next export.

The posts are written using Markdown. Metadata of each post is managed with gray-matter, which is a YAML block at the top of each file containing things like the title, excerpt and published date.

For coherent styling, this blog uses Tailwind CSS. The code is authored using TypeScript.

On every push, the blog is deployed using Netlify's GitHub integration.

Official Template

If you want to kick-start your own blog, I can recommend starting with the official Next.js Blog Starter with TypeScript. It will get you going fast and doesn't come with a lot of complexities.